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xinyingjia Classic engineering case

Case is proof of that


      Sound performance

      Index 6 (≥45bB),
      Sound insulation performance in the ordinary doors and windows on the basis of an increase of 25dB

    1、The use of German-designed insulation break multi-cavity noise insulation profiles.2、Frame and fan joints using automotive grade EPDM strips.3、Insulating glass can be equipped with 5mm + 20A +5 mm large hollow glass and three double-insulated glass, the assembly noise effect is better than many doors and windows on the market.

    Normal windows&doors

      Noise performance is poor

      Index 6 (≥ 45dB) the following, noise performance far better than Xinyingjia doors&windows.

    1、In order to save costs using non-breaking bridge or bridge single chamber.2、Seal the use of cheap low-quality plastic strips, hardening of the strip in winter, summer, high-temperature tape can not achieve the sealing effect of melting.3、Glass using 4mm glass or semi-tempered, there are fake hollow glass can not achieve sound insulation.


      Door&window life long

      By the composition of the layout, the use of the environment and many other factors, the expected life of 30-40 years.

    1、High-end doors&windows products, relative to the normal windows & doors life would be as high as ten years or more.2、High-end doors&windows products or high-end doors&windows products, whether it is high-end appearance and excellent quality and noble quality are excellent.

    Normal windows&doors

      Door&window life is short

      Normal windows&doors processing points using low-profile, service life of 5-15 years.

    1、In recent years, doors and windows to energy saving, environmental protection features, by consumers.2、Low-grade plastic window to do low-lead salt as a stabilizer, lead-salt and more steel doors and windows in the long-term effects of sunlight, lead powder will form, the owners inhaled after the health hazards.


      Anti-theft performance

      Thickness, and high performance, is two to three of the tempered glass, anti-theft performance, anti-theft index to wk3.

    1、Choose a good hardware and accessories doors and windows have a function, there must be installed when the set of tight, or easily broken.

    Normal windows&doors

      Anti-theft performance is weak

      Thickness difference, low performance, is the general tempered glass, anti-theft performance is poor, low security.

    1、Anti-theft doors and windows is not strong enough, only in the material selection criteria.


      Watertight good

      The quality of the strips and doors and windows of the production process rigorous, high-precision measurement and test slide, index 6.

    1、Air tightness of the test is complete, the use of anti-aging, good elastic sealant, the material to meet national standards.2、Processing equipment upgrades, high precision, so that the connection with the close, the gap is very small, to prevent the penetration of rain from the gap.

    Normal windows&doors

      Watertight poor

      The use of poor quality adhesive, with the close connection, index 1-3.

    1, the height of the indoor flap is not enough. Can not block the water per unit area of 1kg. Can not suppress the water into the room. 2, not rigorous drainage system, open inside and outside the drainage hole.


      Good air tightness

      Doors and windows in place to detect air tightness, doors and windows tightness is not easy to enter the gray, water, no noise, index 8.

    1、The rationality of collocation of profiles, the rationality of profiles and strips, the rationality of the structure design. All for the building outside the window airtight performance classification.

    Normal windows&doors

      Poor air tightness

      Doors and windows airtight performance is not in place, poor air tightness doors and windows, easy into the gray, water, noise, index 1-3.

    1、Top of the specification is too large or too tall, not only assembly difficulties, and to increase the sliding resistance of the sash.


      Wind pressure capacity

      Index 9, equivalent to withstand 17 strong winds, doors and windows intensity increased significantly.

    1、Wind pressure deformation detection 2000 Pa of the standard can be achieved, and some even very small deformation deflection. Will be repeated pressure detection and on-site testing.

    Normal windows&doors

      Wind pressure capacity is weak

      Index 4-6, compression performance is far less than Xinyingjia doors&windows.

    1, for the pursuit of beauty and installation to the wall after the perspective effect, the window of the fixed glass fan made very large and very close to the connecting rod arrangement, wind pressure performance testing is generally difficult to meet the specifications or design requirements.

Branded advantages

In the top ten brand promotion research and promotion activities, was awarded the "Chinese famous brand"
Was selected as "China's aluminum doors and windows industry top ten influential brand"
Persistent focus on the perfect implementation of each work, the pursuit of quality and service

Company industrial advantages

Set windows, sliding doors, Pingkai Men, sun room, folding doors, doors and windows as one of the R & D, production base
Factories located in Foshan, Guangdong, and high-end technology industry synchronization and constant innovation
The company has more than experienced professional and technical personnel

Product advantages, worthy of your trust

Xinyingjia company's products use the international common slot standard design of the European slot, the use of German wire or HOPO good wire Hibo Bo window control, and other hardware accessories to send Court;
Glass configuration 5 cm glass, hollow 5mm + 20A +5 mm double-sided steel hollow glass;
PA66 insulation PA66 thermal insulation of the use of environmentally friendly nylon strips, seal the use of automotive grade EPDM seal strip, the noise, heat insulation, waterproof, air tight performance better

Professional team advantage

Experienced senior master, the production of layers of control, excellence
Professional marketing guidance team, all-round marketing support for agents to provide a strong geographical protection, promotional activities to support
First-class design and R & D team to ensure that products continue to develop and update

After - sales service advantages

After-sales service directly from the manufacturers to track, 7 * 24-hour speed response
Products manufactured within 10 days after the quality problems, can be unconditional return
Always adhere to the "customer-oriented" service values, customers have any complaints, first solve customer problems, and then analyze the responsibility
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